1. What is “Bridging the Gap”? 

Bridging the Gap is a ministry of Kings Kids International and New Bridge Church. Our mission is to provide A Home for Every Child: A safe, stable, caring environment where children can grow and thrive.

2. What is Kings Kids International?

King’s Kids International is a 501(c)(3) based in Lawrenceville, Ga that works to raise awareness in the community (both church and secular) of the needs of foster children and the families that care for them. We work in partnership with New Bridge Church, Promise686 (https://www.promise686.org ), Anchored families (http://www.anchoredfamilies.org),  and Careportal (https://careportal.org). We also work with Ministerio Hijos del Rey (in Ahuachapán, El Salvador; Tacuba, El Salvador; and Jalapa, Guatemala).

3. What is careportal?

Careportal is a fabulous tool that allows DFCS to communicate specific, targeted needs to the church. The needs fall into 3 broad categories:

a) needs to keep a child from entering foster care--things to strengthen the biological family

b) needs to help a foster family—when  a child is placed in foster care there are frequently specific things that foster family needs to be able to provide adequate care for the child(ren).

c) needs to re-unify a family—to help the biological family be reunited with their child.

4. What is a care team?

A care team is a group of 4-6 families (or individuals) who commit to supporting a foster family

by providing a meal once per month, prayer support, and helping to meet other needs that the family might request (tutoring, mentoring, yard work, etc). 

5. What is a respite family? 

A respite family is a short-term replacement for a foster family. This can be for a day or two or for up to a week or so. This requires training and background checks similar to being a foster care provider.

6. What does TPR mean?

TPR stands for "Termination of Parental Rights" which means that the court has officially, irrevocably, taken all rights from the biological parents and the child is now "available" for adoption.

7. How can I help?

There a numerous ways to get involved ranging from becoming a foster (or adoptive) parent to providing a meal once a month for those families and everything in between. Maybe you want to help meet Careportal needs; maybe you want to support the feeding ministry to street kids in El Salvador; maybe you want to be on the prayer list for the ministry; maybe you want to contribute financially to the ministry. Not everyone can foster or adopt but EVERYONE CAN DO SOMETHING!