What we do

Leo Tolstoy famously said: “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”  This is very true of the families who have become involved with Child Protective Services: The needs of each family are unique, their strengths are unique,their weakness are unique.


Support at-risk families

Through our network we receive referrals of families who are at-risk for having their children enter the foster care system due to specific, tangible needs: beds, car seats, lice treatment, appropriate clothing, etc. We then help meet that need to support that family in their efforts to keep the children in their biological families.

Support foster families

Did you know that kids frequently enter care with only the clothes on their backs...or even just a diaper. Foster families sometimes get a call to take a sibling set of 3 when they were prepared for only one; or to take a 2 year old when they were preparing for an 8 year old. We help foster families get the car-seats, high chairs, bunk beds, diapers, etc. ...whatever they need to get through the first 24-48 hours and beyond.

Support reunification

AS families work their case plans it frequently happens that there are pieces of the plan that are out-of-reach for the parent(s) in their current situation. These needs can be so varied as to make it hard to enumerate, but here is one example: we recently helped a mother who had left her abusive boyfriend and gotten established in a new city and a new apartment. In order for her children to be returned she just needed a bunk bed, bedding, and a dresser. Because she had just moved in to the apartment and started the new job it was going to take her 2-3 months to obtain those items so that her children could be returned. That would have meant the kids would have started the school year in one school and then been moved to be with mom. We were able to provide for those needs so that the kids could start the new school-year with mom in their new home.

Every family is different. Every child is different. Every need is different.

Needs can range from as small as a box of diapers to as large as a new vehicle to transport the new sibling set of 4 that gets added to the family or even an addition to a house to take in a sibling set of 8 (yes that is a thing)!